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A Better Diet

#   3 Good Health & Well-being

# 12 Responsible Consumption & Production

# 14 Life Below Water

# 15 Life On Land

Nutritious Food, Natural Food, Organic Food, Superfood. Healthy Food has the recent years become more and more popular, and there is a growing customer base for these products.

Unfortunately, still a lot of food products are today produced including a lot of damaging additives and without much nutrition in the products.

Further is animal welfare often not a prioritize. Neither is the fact that the production of meat, fish or certain other raw products often strain the environment.

In RESUS FOOD will we focus on delivering products, which both in terms of health and nutrition are better than the average alternatives on the market.

Further must animal welfare be prioritized and the use of natural resources must be limited as much as possible.   


Use of Resources

#   6 Clean Water & Sanitation

#   7 Affordable & Clean Energy

#   9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

# 12 Responsible Consumption & Production

# 13 Climate Action

In Denmark clean water is often something we take for granted. But this is by far the same case in many other parts of the World. To maintain clean water will products and suppliers be selected based on how much they strain the environment and use of fresh clean water in their area.

RESUS FOOD will always favor supplies, who has a policy for use of sustainable energy and look into energy-saving solutions.

RESUS FOOD wants to promote initiatives with sustainable production, which strain our earth as little as possible. Further must packing and transport be adjusted, so it damages the environment least possible. Finally, must the products be packed and transported in a way, which gives as little food waste as possible.

Suppliers to RESUS FOOD must have a policy for responsible production. Further must the suppliers make sure that there is not an overuse of resources in terms of raw materials, production facilities and transport.

RESUS FOOD will promote products which has a more climate friendly profile and less impact on the environment compared to the average alternative within their group of products. 


Animal Welfare

#14 Life Below Water

#15 Life On Land

If fish are used in the finished products, the fish must come from Green fishing based on the Sustainable Seafood Guide from WWF.

Further will RESUS FOOD favor suppliers using shipping lines who make an effort to develop sustainable and climate friendly transport.

If meat is used in the finished products, RESUS FOOD will require that the producers only use meat which comes from responsible productions where animal welfare is prioritized.



#17 Partnerships for the Goals

RESUS FOOD wants to make partnerships with companies and institutions, who also makes an effort towards a more responsible and sustainable future.

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